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Are We Living In A Simulated Reality?

According to several scientists, we are living in a simulated reality. In fact, Elon Musk says there’s only a one in a billion chance that we’re Not living in a simulated reality. Say what? You mean we ourselves might be AI’s? Are they crazy? Well, maybe….. but maybe not.

Elon makes the argument that if you consider the progress we are currently making with computer simulation in the form of computer games, it’s not hard to project how completely sophisticated and realistic they will be in the future. They are also programming AI’s to be ‘self learning’ in that they will take in feed back and responses from their environment and adapt accordingly. You know, the way humans adapt to their environment and input.

So if we’re already on the verge of creating self learning, self adapting, self aware AI’s and we’re creating computer simulations that look and feel ‘real’, where will all of this take us in 10, 20, 100 years?

Now I realize that humans are not inside a computer screen, programmed with 1’s and 0’s or hooked up to electrical wires. However, we may be programmed and coded by much more sophisticated and evolved technology such as our DNA code and adaptive, self learning mind programming.

Am I saying that all we are is a computer coded artificial intelligence in some sort of simulation? No, I am not. Although I do think that is part of the formula. Through much research from many sources and my own channeling, I am fairly convinced that our bodies and minds are coded, programmed, self learning, self adapting computer type machines. But we are not just our minds or our bodies. We are soul beings having a physical experience.

I think that When we, as souls, decided to incarnate into this matrix, Truman Show, or simulated reality we agreed to play by the rules of this game. I’m not sure why we made this decision - perhaps to help rescue other souls who are trapped in this confusion or perhaps just for the experience. Regardless of the reason, we, as infinite divine, soul beings, came into these ‘Avatar’ bodies limiting ourselves to interface with this world through the the 5 senses these bodies are able to experience. Our true consciousness is limitless. However, our experience of that consciousness is limited to our 5 senses, mind programming and the physical limitations of our physical programming.

As long as we are focused on this reality, we are trying to win the simulated game according to its rules and limitations. We seek to amass wealth, success etc. But the truth is, no one ever truly ‘wins’ this game because in the end we all die. Death does not automatically guarantee us escape from this matrix reality. Eastern philosophy talks about the karmic wheel and cycle of reincarnation for a reason. Unless we truly awaken and ascend to higher consciousness, death in the astral plane is merely another level of the simulation game. We reincarnate to go through the whole process over and over until we wake up and realize the illusion of this reality. Staying fixated on being successful in this matrix reality is essentially just a huge distraction from the truth that it is nothing more than an illusion.