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Stand Out In the Crowd of Life Coaches!

Be the Best with Real Results That Last - Fast!

By adding NLP and hypnosis to your coaching business, you will amplify your results and create an outstanding reputation. Using anchors for confidence, self esteem and passion will supercharge your clients' motivation and change their procrastination to determination.   You will know how to assist them to end internal conflict and self sabotage so they can achieve consistent results and greater success.  When you know how to truly work with the law of attraction, your results will be unstoppable.

Help Your Clients:

*Overcome Fear of Public Speaking 

*Motivation and Goal Achievement

*Conquer Emotional Trauma

*End Self Sabotage and Achieve Success

*Smoking and Weight Hypnosis

*Eliminate Chronic Pain

NLP certificaton

Watch Video

NLP Parts Integration

End Your Clients' Self Sabotage

Our Trainings Are Hands On and Interactive.   The best way to learn is to really experience something for yourself.  When that happens you really know that you know.  

Leave with the confidence that you have what you need to create lasting change fast.  You will not only learn, you will master these powerful tools and techniques.

This training is comprehensive and complete.  You get all the tools you need in this one course.  Don't worry about having to take more trainings.  Nothing is withheld.  Everything is included in this one course!

   Learn to:

  • Establish instant rapport so that clients' trust you and resonate with you

  • Ask the right questions to see what's blocking them consciously AND unconsciously

  • Create clear, concise goals with action steps

  • Resolve internal conflict with Parts Integration

  • Identify the core limiting belief which creates their 'glass ceiling' of limited success

  • Find the source of their critical internal voice and stop it at its root

  • Bring positive resources into problem areas (mapping across) 

  • Use hypnosis to re-program the subconscious mind on the deepest level 

  • Create organic change which feels easy and natural

Hypnosis training

Imagine how it will feel to know that you can help people with even the most significant challenges and issues with ease and skill.  Imagine having the power to not only offer them relief from a lifetime of pain and suffering but to also set them on a course of happiness, success and satisfaction?  It is a truly amazing feeling and so fulfilling to be able to impact others in such a powerful way and trust me, they will be eternally grateful to you that finally someone was able to help them.  People are hurting.  They're looking for answers.  Answer the call and be the change.  The world is waiting.  

  Call Now to see if this training is right for you.  

Local?  Meet me in person to see if we 'click'  702-475-0764

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