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What is NLP aka 

Neuro Linguistic Programming?

NLP is using language (L)  to change subconscious programming (P) which then changes how you feel (N for neurology) and respond.  NLP is kind of like awake hypnosis.  It is a back door into the subconscious mind because rather than requiring hypnosis or trance, it allows communication with the subconscious mind by speaking to it in the language it understands;  i.e. pictures, symbols, emotions, pictures, movies. 


Hypnosis allows us to get the critical factor out of the way so that verbal suggestions can get into the subconscious mind.  The critical factor is like a guard who prevents new, potentially harmful ideas from getting into the operating system.  While its intentions are to protect us, it gets in the way when we want to create positive changes.  NLP bypasses the whole system because it uses symbolism, pictures and emotions which the critical factor doesn't understand so it can't block it.  


NLP has become somewhat of an umbrella term.  Because NLP incorporates modeling (breaking down, systemizing and reproducing) effective and successful behavior,  people continue to find and create new processes and bring them under the umbrella of NLP. Some of these techniques include anchors, sub-modalities, conversational hypnosis, parts integration, fast phobia cure, timeline and new behavior generator.  

Confused About NLP? 

Watch This Video and Finally Understand it!

The Magic of NLP - Don't Ask Why, Ask How

All of us have some areas of our life that work and some areas that don’t work so well.  Based on our individual experiences, our subconscious mind decided how to handle things.  Sometimes it got it right and often it got it wrong.  In NLP terms, this simply means that we have either a successful ‘strategy’ or an unsuccessful strategy.  The 'How' refers to how does our subconscious create our internal experience which leads directly to our actions and behaviors whether successful or not.


Our subconscious mind is always scanning to see what things means, how we should feel (i.e. is this safe) and how we should react based on that information.  For example, a beautiful woman walks into a room.  A man thinks “hubba, hubba”, a little girl thinks “I want to be just like her when I grow up”,  another woman thinks “I hate that witch”.  Now the actual stimulus is simply a woman walking into a room but these are three extremely different reactions all based on the individuals’ past experiences, fears, insecurities, hopes and dreams etc.  


NLP allows us to change our unconscious strategies so that we automatically react in ways that feel better, are more life affirming and ultimately lead to greater success and happiness.Once you really grasp how this works, change can be almost instantaneous.


This class will teach you how the subconscious thinks, that is, how it processes information so you can facilitate life changing, permanent changes really fast.  Sound too good to be true?  Well, I guess you'll have to find out for yourself.  Experiencing is believing.  

Gain the Skills You Need to Adapt to Any Client

This Course not only offers you hands on, interactive training, it's fully comprehensive and gives you all the tools you need in one place.  Once you really understand how the subconscious mind works, it's easy to adapt your skills to any client. 


Learn to Make Rapid  Changes That Really Work!

The conscious and subconscious mind don't think alike or communicate alike.  It's almost like one speaks English and one speaks Chinese.   You can explain or reason with your subconscious mind for a hundred years but you're still not going to get anywhere because it doesn't think in logic!! 

Why logic and analyzing simply don't work

The problem is we often have no idea what information (memories) our subconscious is looking at to generate its reaction.   Even when we do know where it came from, understanding it logically with our conscious mind doesn't change it any more than simply knowing you should work out gives you a fit body.  

** Analyzing, diagnosing, and discussing  our problems with our logical, conscious mind doesn't change anything in the subconscious mind where they're generated.  They need to be healed and transformed, not analyzed.   

   Learn to:

  • Establish instant rapport so that clients' trust you and resonate with you

  • Ask the right questions to see what's blocking them consciously AND unconsciously

  • Create clear, concise goals with action steps

  • Resolve internal conflict with Parts Integration

  • Identify the core limiting belief which creates their 'glass ceiling' of limited success

  • Find the source of their critical internal voice and stop it at its root

  • Bring positive resources into problem areas (mapping across) 

  • Use hypnosis to re-program the subconscious mind on the deepest level 

  • Create organic change which feels easy and natural

  Call Now to see if this training is right for you.  

Local?  Meet me in person to see if we 'click'  702-475-0764

NLP Can Help You:

*Overcome Fear of Public Speaking 

*Motivation and Goal Achievement

*Conquer Emotional Trauma

*End Self Sabotage and Achieve Success

*Smoking and Weight Hypnosis

*Eliminate Chronic Pain

NLP Parts Integration

Watch Video to End Your Clients' Self Sabotage

NLP certificaton

Video Here

Our Trainings Are Hands On and Interactive

The best way to learn is to really experience something for yourself.  When that happens you really know that you know.  

Leave with the confidence that you have what you need to create lasting change.

You will not only learn, you will master these powerful tools and techniques

This training is comprehensive and complete.  You get all the tools you need in this one course.

Don't worry about having to take more trainings.  Nothing is withheld.  Everything is included in this one course!

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