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Reintegrating Soul Fractals From Parallel Realities

I’ve recently had an experience where I discovered that some of our traumas and negative emotions originate not from current life memories or even past last memories. It seems many of them originate from parallel realities.

For me, the time had come for me to become aware of this information and it was revealed to me in several different ways from several different sources all within a 2 week period.

If you are aware of soul fractals, then you understand that our soul can have various aspects which are having different experiences simultaneously. Our soul evolves by mastering life lessons. Having multiple soul fractals allows us to gain experiences, grow and evolve more quickly and efficiently.

There is a lot of information about the soul, the oversoul, soul fractals and soul fragments; some of which can be confusing. I don’t claim to be an expert. I simply wish to share what I have learned from personal experience.

Everything in the Universe is expressed through fractal expansion so it would be natural for our souls to fit this pattern of life. Kabbalah teaches that God separated himself into trillions of aspects to experience himself from all of these viewing points. As part of God, we likewise, as souls, may separate ourselves into multiple aspects to experience life more fully. We gather these experiences and learnings and bring them back into the Oneness of our soul. Each fractal or aspect of the soul senses that they are a part of something greater. We feel this separation as isolation or loneliness and long to be integrated once more into the whole.

However, many fractals experience trauma and are stuck in their isolation, unable to assimilate the lessons which would allow them to reintegrate. As part of us, we are affected by these other aspects of ourselves and even while our life may be relatively peaceful, we feel the pain and longing for these lost aspects of our soul.

Parallel realities can emerge from a nexus point; an event where we are faced with a choice of which path to take. The concept of parallel realities suggests that all possibilities exist simultaneously and are, in fact, unfolding simultaneously. There could be tens, hundreds or even thousands of possible timelines which unfold with different events, consequences and therefore different soul lessons. Our soul fractals enter these timelines which unfold creating paths with anywhere from subtle to wildly different outcomes.

Most of these parallel realities are naturally occurring diverging paths. Some are timelines which we are pulled into through manipulation and deception as a type of inter dimensional kidnapping. Traumas that occur in these manipulated scenarios can be particularly scarring and have a profound negative effect of the soul aspects in more ‘normal’ realities. Severe trauma can be particularly difficult to heal and integrate especially when there are forces working to prevent us from accessing these memories. When trauma is severe enough, it may result in our soul fractal becoming shattered or fragmented in an attempt to dissociate from the pain. These fragments must be reintegrated back into the soul fractal before it can then be integrated back into the soul.

I would like to share a process I have adapted to heal and integrate our soul fractals in order to end the loneliness and separation and create a greater sense of Oneness within. A bonus is that as we integrate these parts of ourselves, we integrate the abilities, skills and knowledge that these aspects have mastered. We become a more balanced, wise and capable version of ourselves. Yay!