Most Issues Resolved in 1 or 2 Sessions!

In Person Sessions (Zoom if preferred) 

 Hypnotherapy Services:

  • Stop Smoking in ONE Session

  • Habits  - 2 Sessions    (Call for safety screening)

  • Anxiety 

  • Trauma

  • Motivation

  • Pain Relief

  • Special Issues

  • Past Life Regression

  • Soul Retrieval 

Pricing:   *All sessions are 2-3 Hours

*Single Session - $250 (Most issues require 1 session)

*Stop Smoking - ONE SESSION - $450 (Includes           free follow up if needed)

*Habits / Substances - 2 Sessions ($300/session)

Package of 3 Sessions - $650 ($100savings)

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Experience the power of hypnotherapy for yourself.  It's not your fault if things have seemed hard to change.  No matter how smart you are, it doesn't help change your subconscious programming. Your subconscious mind can't be reasoned with.  It doesn't understand logic or even speak the same language. Seriously!  Hypnosis and NLP allow us to communicate with the subconscious mind directly and your subconscious mind is so powerful it can make changes really, really fast - almost like magic.  You can feel really good - really fast


What to Expect In a Session

*Serena is amazing. She is extremely well trained in the area of the subconscious and can help anyone get over anything. If you are seeking someone to help you heal from past life traumas, or if you just want to change something about yourself or stop a bad habit, I highly recommend her and her practice. I loved her process. 5 stars for sure!

                                                                                         Ann Flagella

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Understand How Your Mind Works

(Better Than 99% of the Population)

Serena was amazing! Myself and Husband has been smoking cigarettes for 20+ years. She helped us become smoke free in 1 session each! 6months smoke free for myself and 5months for my husband tomorrow! I will recommend her to anyone who smokes and wants to stop! Thank you Serena!!


                                                                                   Aleasha Frazier

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Be Limitless truly lives up to its name.  I can't thank Serena enough for the transformation I've been able to achieve in my life after working with her.  She really gets to the root of the problem and guides you through the healing process.  I am walking on sunshine and it all started with walking into her office.  I got my life back, thank you Serena!

                                                                    Svetlana, Las Vegas

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