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I'm a value guy and bang for the buck, I feel like I got a lot of free flowing tools.  You've put this class together in a way that the tools just kind of flow together so everything comes out more natural.                                                                                                                                                         Chad Jackson, Las Vegas

Each day I am becoming more and more aware of the immense gratitude I have for Serena and The tools I received from the Be Limitless Academy Training. The training was 10 days and in that short amount of time I was completely transformed in the processes. I quit vaping/ smoking on day 9 (after 20 years and a collapsed lung) and let go of limiting beliefs that were holding me back from knowing and loving my true self and living my divine purpose. I am confident that with the training I received from Serena, I have the passion, determination, and knowledge to assist others on their path as well. With love and light!

                                                                                                                                                  Jennifer Cook, Las Vegas

Everything   You 

Day 1 - Morning

Hypnosis Experience - Dive Right In! 

Introduction to Hypnosis 

History of Hypnosis

Explanation of the Unconscious Mind

Suggestibility Tests - purpose, demo, practice

Types of Inductions: Ways to bypass the critical factor

Styles of Hypnosis: Permissive and Authoritative - practice

Signs, Stages and Steps of Hypnosis

Day 1 - Afternoon

Dave Elman Induction - demo and practice

Deepeners and Tests

Number Amnesia

Learning How to Help Your Client: Questions and Goals

Core Limiting Beliefs

Client interview - demo

Direct Suggestion - simple yet powerful and effective

Day 2 Morning

Meta Model Explained

Feelings List - the difference between a thought and a feeling

Client interview demo and practice

Introduction to NLP

Eye Accessing Cues - visual, auditory and kinesthetic modalities


NLP Strategies

Rapport - how to establish, pacing and leading

Day 2 - Afternoon

Anchors explained

Stacking Anchors - demo and practice

Collapsing Anchors:  demo and practice

New Behavior Generator

Fast Phobia Cure

Day 3 - Morning

Rapid Inductions: Hand Drop, Handshake Interrupt

Confusion Inductions: confusing touch, verbal confusion

The Milton Model - language patterns explained

Word Salad - demo and practice

Metaphor and Hypnotic Storytelling

Story with Ericksonian language demo

Practice writing a short metaphor story. 

Rita Review.png

Will  Learn

Day 4 - Morning

Somanambulism: Esdaile Induction - practice and demo

Pain Hypnosis: Dissociation, Submodalities, Awareness Technique, Glove Anesthesia - demo and practice

Pain Elimination Protocol - for Chronic pain - demo and practice

Transactional Analysis - Understanding the Inner parent, child and adult ego states.

Inner Child Integration - demo and practice

Day 4 - Afternoon

Flying the Timeline: learning the lesson to let go of the pain (dissociated learning) - demo and practice

Bringing positive resources to the past and into the future

Walking the timeline: allowing your unconscious mind and body to 'feel' the root cause associated with problem (associated learning) - get out of your head and into the experience!  - demo and practice

Empty Chair (Gestalt) Procedure - demo and practice

Day 5 - Morning

Tapping - NLT (Neuro Linguistic Tapping) - demo and practice

Kitchen Sink Regression  - Explanation and Outline (This puts all the pieces together to completely rewrite your life history experientially)

Kitchen Sink Regression - demo and practice

Grief - New Relationship with Loved One

Grief - Bucket of Gems

Day 5 - Afternoon

Chaining Anchors - demo and practice

Swish Pattern - demo and practice

Belief Change with Spatial Anchors

Creating Your Future - visualization and resources

Discussion of recordings for positive suggestions

Healing through Visualization - You can heal your body!

Practice Inductions

Day 3 - Afternoon

Conflicting Parts - explanation and stories

Six Core Human Needs

Part - understanding and healing - demo and practice

Parts Integration - demo and practice

Parts Therapy - demo and practice

Reframes - content vs.context - explanation and examples

Day 6 - Morning

Putting it all together - interview, meta questions, patterns, core limiting beliefs, conflicting parts, wounded child, inner critical parent, life lessons, pulling weeds, planting flowers

Stop Smoking - SINGLE Session - mini sessions and script

Weight Loss - Education, Parts therapy/ manager's meeting, direct suggestion, visualization with recordings!

Discussion and Questions

Day 6 - Afternoon

Past Life Regression

Higher Self / Spiritual Masters


2 Certifications: 1 Training

National Guild of Hypnotists

Be Limitless Hypnosis

Hypnosis Certification
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Watch This Shortcut to NLP: 

Understand Unconscious STRATEGIES

Meet Serena on Doing It With Stiles

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