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Hypnotherapy and NLP Training, September 21st - 29th

Hypnotherapy and NLP training September 21st - 29th in Las Vegas. How do I know it works? Because I went from crying every day to not being able to "find" the sadness. It had simply vanished. Magical change occurs when we make changes in the subconscious mind - where lasting change happens fast! If you're curious about learning NLP or hypnosis to communicate with the subconscious, you don't want ot miss this class. 702-475-0764

Before I discovered NLP and hypnosis, my life was failing apart. I was crying every day. My relationships were dysfunctional. On the surface, things seemed okay. I had a full time job as an RN, owned my own home and took a family vacation once a year. But I was dying inside. In my first NLP and hypnotherapy training, my life was completely transformed. It’s hard to imagine that 30 years of sadness, insecurity and destructive patterns could simply be erased in such a short amount of time. But that’s what happened. For the first time in my life, the sadness lifted and I began to experience life in a peaceful, happy way.

Since then I have worked tirelessly to master the NLP and hypnotherapy techniques and, even more importantly, I’ve learned the nuances of subconscious communication. The subconscious has a language of its own. We don’t understand it and it doesn’t understand us. It’s kind of like we’re the CEO and our subconscious is a rogue employee that is running its own agenda. It means well but often it sabotages our efforts to change and improve. Until we learn how to communicate with this part of ourselves, we will continue to beat our head against the wall and wonder “what’s wrong with me?”

If becoming a master of subconscious communication and magical change is something you’re interested in or just curious about, please check out my intensive 9 day hypnotherapy and NLP training coming up September 21st in Las Vegas. Imagine having the power to make powerful, positive, lasting change in the lives those who need it most.

In just 9 days you’ll have everything you need to be a certified NLP and hypnosis practitioner. Just 9 days to change your life and to make a difference in the world.


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