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See The Perfection In Everyone

By communicating daily with our inner Christ and bringing this elevated consciousness into our everyday lives we not only help ourselves but we also help all humans transcend the race mind consciousness. In the same way we are affected by everyone else’s thoughts, they are affected by ours. At the level of Christ consciousness there is only harmony and beauty. There is no lack, illness, worry, anxiety, fear or confusion.


At the Christ level of vibration we see everyone for the truth of who they are – an individual expression of the One God, perfect in love, peace and harmony. We all have a deep yearning for this level of communion with our Christ nature whether we realize it or not. This is the ‘heaven on earth’ which we are all waiting for.

As we make this connection we may start to have paranormal experiences such as telepathy, precognition, intuition or seeing auras. These abilities are actually quite normal on certain levels of our being and as we become more aware of these levels we can use them for our learning and growth.

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