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The Overload Induction | Free Hypnosis Training

Follow these simple instructions to go into hypnosis. Easy and effective!!

Do all 4 of these at the same time:

1) Place one hand on your lap. Begin to raise it VERY, VERY slowly - concentrating on making sure it is Slow.

2) Find a spot on the wall to focus on. Keep eyes fixated on that spot.

3) Imagine a color of light that you find relaxing and imagine as you breathe it into your lungs it relaxes your lungs and as it moves through your body with the oxygen, it relaxes every part of you.

4) Slowly count out loud (or silently in your mind) backwards from 100.

In between each number say 'Relaxing More'.

5) When you start to feel your eyes getting tired and heavy, the numbers getting jumbled or hard to count simply close your eyes and -- Relax -- Deeper and deeper now. That's right. :)

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