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Your Thoughts Manifest But Most of Your Thoughts Aren't Even Yours!

We mentioned doubts you may have in the beginning of this class. Though it usually feels like our doubts and negative thoughts are our own, they might not really be ours! They may actually originate in the race mind consciousness. We have picked up on and absorbed these thoughts and doubts subliminally. The race mind consciousness contains all the thoughts held by humanity throughout history including memories, judgments and beliefs. Carl Jung called it the Collective Unconscious. These limiting, false beliefs create our experience inside this reality subset of the Matrix. It is not the Truth about life. It is merely man’s belief about the truth. It contains valuable knowledge but also contains lies and distortion. These ideas pervade and form the beliefs of most people since they have been passed down from generation to generation. They include the judgments of good and evil, health and illness, happiness and sorrow, reward and punishment. Thinking at this level is duality thinking. Since we create our experiences with our thoughts, when we believe in concepts such as illness and sorrow we experience them as real. We can rise above this level of thought by connecting to our inner Christ Self, who resides in the Free Universe and who knows only peace, love and perfection.

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