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Which of Your Friends or Co-Workers Will Be Hypnotized?

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How Serena Got 'Unstuck'

From Victim Mentality

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Change Your Internal Reality

Replace Judgement With Understanding

Communication breakdowns are the cause of most of the conflict we see in the world.  But the breakdown doesn't start where most people think it does.  Most of the time, it starts right within ourselves; with our own internal conflict and lack of personal awareness.  This is partly because our conscious and unconscious minds don't speak the same language and partly because, in the same way that different people have conflicting needs and agendas, parts of our very own psyche have conflicting needs and agendas. Until we can create understanding, communication and harmony within ourselves, our hope of creating harmony globally is virtually impossible.  Once we gain insight and awareness within ourselves, it becomes easy and natural to understand that everyone else is suffering from the same confusion of how to express and meet their real needs in the same way.

In her speaking, workshops and retreats, Serena guides you on a journey of intra-personal communication to understand yourself in ways you weren't cognizant of before now.  The audience will not only learn how to know and communicate with themselves more effectively, they will learn to expand those skills to communicate better in every relationship.  And it doesn't have to stop there.  

Public Speaking is about effective communication.  To persuade the majority of an audience to think, feel or do something you need to know how to engage their conscious mind while you whisper softly to their subconscious mind.  First, let the audience know they matter to you.  Connect with their subconscious mind through an emotionally compelling story they can relate to. Give their conscious mind the facts and figures it needs to feel satisfied that it made a smart and logical decision.  Give a direct call to action that gets to the point.  Remember, communication is happening unconsciously also.  Pay attention to body language, eye contact, gestures and energy level.  Sprinkle your speech with humor and skillfully lead your audience in the direction of what you want them to think, feel or do - with integrity for their benefit, of course.

We Can All Be Happy

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