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Your ego is just a coping mechanism. Your true self is perfect.

Our ego is just a coping mechanism. When we are born, we are still connected to the truth of our perfect, divine self. Over time people begin to place expectations on us and judge us or even punish us for not living up to their expectations. We become deeply insecure and begin to believe that we are just not good enough. One day we get complimented or get positive attention for something we did right. In that moment we "decide" that that's the way to get love and approval - things we can't live without. This then becomes our ego identity - our way of feeling good enough. But eventually these coping mechanisms wear thin and we get really tired of keeping up this false image just to feel good enough and lovable. This is when we get to genuinely heal all the traumas and childhood wounds and return to our true, perfect, divine self.


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