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Get a Hypnosis Session and Change Your Life

Take Our Hypnosis Training and Have The Time of Your Life

* Most issues resolved in 1 or 2 sessions!

Anxiety, Trauma, Weight issues, Smoking - 1 session! Addictions, Gambling,  Motivation, Relationships, Sports Hypnosis, Success

Get Certified as a hypnotist and and NLP practitioner! You'll not only be the most interesting person in the room, you'll have the power to transform lives - quickly and permanently! 

Ready to Feel as Good as This Guy?  

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Experience the power of hypnotherapy for yourself.  It's not your fault if things have seemed hard to change.  No matter how smart you are, it doesn't help change your subconscious programming. Your subconscious mind can't be reasoned with.  It doesn't understand logic or even speak the same language. Seriously!  Hypnosis and NLP allow us to communicate with the subconscious mind directly and your subconscious mind is so powerful it can make changes really, really fast - almost like magic.  You can feel really good - really fast!

Certification with:

The National Guild of Hypnotists

The National Federation of NLP

No Risk!

**Full Refund Up to the End of the first day of training

if not completely satisfied.  

Take a Test Drive For Free!

**Cost of 1 session applies towards tuition!

(Online Sessions available)

Don't Want to Travel?

Get 5 students or more and Serena will come to you!   

*Outside the United States: 10 student minimum

Don't take my word for it.  Hear what others have to say  

What is Hypnosis and

Is It Even Real?

Hypnosis and NLP Explained

Hypnosis Demo

Is Hypnosis Really Real?  

A lot of people wonder if hypnosis is even real.  If you've ever seen a hypnosis stage show, this is a legitimate question.  It looks so surreal that it almost seems fake.  Allow me to explain.

First of all, only about 25% of the population are what we would call natural somnambulists.  These are the people that make great stage show participants because they go really deep, really fast.  While it may appear that they're under the control of the hypnotist, it's more like they're sleep walking or playing pretend like a four year old.  In this state they are completely free of all inhibitions so they can sing and dance without any concern about what others may think. (kind of like when people karaoke  lol) 

How Can Hypnosis Be Therapeutic?  

While stage hypnosis may not interest you, hypnosis is an extremely powerful tool for making changes in the subconscious mind.  You can accomplish in one or two sessions what others sometimes spend years trying to change.  All of our emotions, beliefs, behaviors and programming originate in the subconscious mind.  By using various language patterns, processes and tools to speak directly to the subconscious mind, change can happen fast and be permanent .  

Hypnosis allows us to get the critical factor out of the way so that verbal suggestions can get into the subconscious mind.  The critical factor is like a guard who prevents new, potentially harmful ideas from getting into the operating system.  While its intentions are to protect us, it gets in the way when we want to create positive changes.  During hypnosis, the critical factor is 'out of the way' so that we can give new instructions to the subconscious mind.  Once the these ideas really take hold in the subconscious, changes unfold naturally, easily and automatically. 

Ask yourself this question.  Would you rather manage your fear and anxiety or simply not feel it any more? This is the difference between treating a problem or as I call it 'white knuckling it through life' and transforming it so life genuinely feels better and easier.   

Can Everyone Be Hypnotized?  

While not everyone is a natural somnambulist, everyone CAN be hypnotized.  Hypnosis is essentially going into an altered state, zoned out or hyper focused state.  This occurs when we slow our brain waves down from beta to either alpha or theta.  This occurs naturally each and every day to each and every one of us when we go to sleep and when we're day dreaming or 'in the zone'.   So the answer is a resounding Yes!  Hypnosis is real and everyone can be hypnotized as long as they are willing and able to listen and follow what the hypnotist is saying.  

Why Can't I Learn Online?  Wouldn't It Be So

Much Easier And More Convenient?  

I can't argue that studying online is more convenient.  That, however, is the only advantage.  NLP and hypnosis is SO powerful that you can only understand it once you've experienced it personally.  You simply cannot get that experience on a computer screen.  Period.  Secondly, having the opportunity to practice the skills and techniques with other live human beings is invaluable.  Once you've done it, you know you can do it!  There is absolutely no substitute for experience.  Period.  

It's worth traveling for the interactive experience

Can I Really Learn Everything I Need To Know To Be A

Qualified Hypnotherapist in 9 Days? 

In my very first NLP and hypnosis course,  I was able to clear in a few days what if often takes people years to deal with.  I healed  many layers of pain and confusion and it was then that I was able to rediscover and connect to the real me.  The changes are so fast, easy and life changing that it's difficult to put into words.  You FEEL the change and it's irrefutable.  I then went on to bring these life changing processes to others.  It's powerful and fun and there's nothing I'd rather do.  

My class is structured almost exactly the same as the class where I experienced so much healing and freedom.  Sadly, my instructor has passed on but I am thrilled to have the opportunity to continue his legacy.  Whether you’re looking for a new career as a hypnotherapist and NLP practitioner or you’re simply looking for transformation that will rock your world and bring you back to the truth of who you are, this is the class you’ve been looking for.

“Serena’s Be Limitless Hypnosis and NLP training is 5 stars.  She took me from knowing very little to ‘I got this’.  I got so confident I even created 2 public meditations before I even graduated.  I am grateful to the angelic healer that Serena is.  She works with you soul to soul.”

                                                                                                                                              April Azzolino, Las Vegas


  • Inductions: Elman, Rapid, Confusion

  • NLP: Anchors, Fast Phobia Cure, Parts,

  • Swish, Submodalities

  • Pain hypnosis

  • Regressions 

  • Timeline - rewriting history

  • Tapping/ EFT

  • Smoking Cessation - Single Session!

  • Weight Loss 

  • Understand the unconscious mind; recognize patterns, core limiting beliefs, inner conflict, and the critical inner parent. 

  • Personal, effective, rapid change.

  • And LOTS more!

Why choose Be Limitless Hypnosis

Academy NLP and Hypnosis Training?

Experience it For Yourself

Our trainings are hands on and interactive.  The best way to learn is to really experience something for yourself. In this training you will do just that. You will experience personal transformation and when that happens you really know that you know.  You will not only learn, you will master these powerful tools and techniques so that when you leave you feel comfortable and confident that you have what you need to create lasting change - fast. 

Then Share it With Others

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Whether your interest is in life coaching, helping yourself and others conquer emotional trauma, eliminating chronic physical pain, increasing confidence and success or mastering the skills of hypnosis for smoking and weight loss, this comprehensive training gives you everything you're looking for when it comes to hypnosis and NLP.

Imagine how it will feel to know that you can help people with even the most significant challenges and issues with ease and skill.  Imagine having the power to not only offer them relief from a lifetime of pain and suffering but to also set them on a course of happiness, success and satisfaction?  It is a truly amazing feeling and so fulfilling to be able to impact others in such a powerful way and trust me, they will be eternally grateful to you that finally someone was able to help them.  People are hurting.  They're looking for answers.  Answer the call and be the change.  The world is waiting. 

"Of any other course I could have taken, I don't think I could have gathered up as many tools as I have from you which is a huge compliment because I've taken lots of classes.  Also, it was experiential in that a lot of what I experienced will help me be a better therapist because I actually experienced it and know what you go through.  There's no way you could do that online.  There was such a resonance with you because you are not just an educator but you, as an individual, are really conscious and get the idea of self expansion and growth.  You don't think your way out of the box, it's experiential."  

                                       Gina Coffman, California                                                                                                                                             

"In December 2017, I travelled from the foothills of California to Las Vegas, Nevada to take a 10 day combined hypnosis and NLP certification class from Serena Denmark. The class was one of the best I've ever taken in my life! Serena teaches, demonstrates, and explains clearly and thoroughly. She allows ample time for students to practice. She knows so much that her words flow easily and her demonstrations are easy to understand. And she does all this with humor and without stress. I highly recommend Serena's program because she makes certain that students learn the content in both theory and practice. Serena's style is professional, kind, fun, personable, low key yet focused and absolutely delightful. I left the academy with a certificate in Hypnosis and NLP and the confidence to practice both. If you enroll, you will certinly appreciate the quality of her teaching, the certificates you will receive, and your membership in the National Guild of Hypotherapy."                   

                                            Gayle Evans, Grass Valley    

Comprehensive Curriculum For One Low Price

Save $300 with Early Bird Pricing!

Looking for Something More?  

Feel Good and Help Others Feel Good Too!  Start an exciting career as a hypnotherpist and NLP practitioner. Get certified and qualified to Change lives and Take names.

Are you looking for a new career?  One that you can learn quickly, be highly effective, earn great money and help people in a  profound way?  If you’ve ever been curious about the unconscious mind and the power of hypnosis to tap into your limitless potential then this 10 day intensive hypnotherapy training is just what you’re looking for!!  Hypnosis is exciting, fun, powerful and has the power to change lives in truly transformative ways.   Become a certified hypnotherapist and NLP practitioner with Be Limitless Hypnosis Academy.  Learn everything you need to know to open your own hypnotherapy and NLP practice in this 100 hour course. 


*November 3rd - 9 Day Intensive  

*Includes ticket to Las Vegas Hypnosis Stage show

Includes Certification with The National

Guild of Hypnotists AND the NFNLP!

Thanks! Message sent.

*"In addition to her top notch skills and professionalism, it is apparent that Serena genuinely cares about her clients. Highest possible recommendation!"

                                                                                                                                                 James Powers, Las Vegas

Hypnosis Las Vegas
NLP Training Las Vegas

In Fabulous Las Vegas!

Schedule a consultation to see if this training is right for you.  

Local?  Meet me in person to see if we 'click' 

Call or Text Serena here 702-475-0764 

Hypnosis Certification Las Vegas

PLUS - ticket to Las Vegas

Hypnosis Stage Show!

Hypnosis Training Las Vegas
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