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Everything is a Gift From the Universe - Even the Bad Stuff

Everything is a gift from the Universe? Really? Even the bad stuff? Yes!

So how is this possible? Well, it might not seem like a gift from our human, 3D perspective. However, if we can take a step back and see things from a soul perspective then it may start to make more sense. The truth of our divine nature is limitless love, peace, power and creativity. The only thing keeping us from experiencing our limitless perfection is our limiting beliefs and trapped negative emotions. Our soul’s true desire is to remember the truth of who we are and return to our full glory.

The only way to do this is to actively face, heal, transform and let go of our negative beliefs and trapped emotions. These are what create our negative karma and keep us trapped. So the way to free ourselves from the negative experiences and limitations in this lifetime (and future lifetimes) is to really and truly heal and let go of this stuff. But how can we heal it if we don’t know its there??

We’ve learned throughout life to repress our emotions and feelings. We stuff them down and pretend they’re not there but that Does Not heal them! It just keeps this negative stuff stuck inside of us to fester and wreak havoc on our lives now and in the future; possibly even future lives. However, when we’re ready, we can take responsibility and see every situation for the gift that it is. If it feels bad, it’s because it’s triggering something inside of us that’s unhealed and needs to be cleared. Of course, we don’t have to clear it but if we don’t, guess what? The all loving Universe is going to keep presenting us with opportunities (AKA negative situations) to heal it and clear it. Sometimes it may try to get our attention in small, quiet ways and other times it may try to get our attention in loud, overwhelming ways. But in either case it’s a chance to wake up, face what it’s bringing up, go into it and truly heal it.

And yes, it’s a journey. We all have many lessons and many things to heal and clear. But the reward is the return to true peace, joy, limitlessness and, could it be, enlightenment? The reward is life the way it was always meant to be; love, connection, abundance just like in the garden of Eden. So strap in, hold on, face the fire and embrace every lesson. This is the bravest and most rewarding work you will ever do.

Of course, we all need a little help with HOW to do this. If it seems impossible to forgive or let go of the past then I can really help you with that. Check me out or email me at .

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