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Learn everything you need to know to open your own

hypnotherapy and NLP practice in this 9 Day course. 

​ Get Certified, Be Qualified 

3 Certifications: 1 Price

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  • Certification with NGH

  • Certification with NFNLP

  • All written materials

  • Ticket to hypnosis stage show

  • *Everything You need to start a new career as an Effective hypnotherapist and NLP practitioner

Take a Test Drive For Free!

**Cost of 1 session applies towards       tuition! (Online Sessions available)


Upcoming Class:

November 8th - 13th

8 Day Intensive:

Total of 100 Hours of Instruction

  • Inductions: Elman, Rapid, Confusion

  • NLP: Anchors, Fast Phobia Cure, Parts,

  • Swish, Submodalities

  • Smoking Cessation - Single Session! ($6,000 value!)

  • Pain hypnosis 

  • Regression Therapy (current life and past life)

  • Flying the Timeline - Learn Lessons and Let go of pain

  • Walking the Timeline - Powerful beyond words

  • Tapping/ EFT - The power to help ANY client

  • Weight Loss - 2 session protocol

  • Understand the unconscious mind; recognize patterns, core limiting beliefs, inner conflict, and the critical inner parent. 

  • Personal, effective, rapid change.

  • And LOTS more!

Learn and Master:

Price:  $2,997

*No Hidden Fees

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Why Can't I Learn Online? Wouldn't It Be So Much Easier And More Convenient?

Can I Really Learn Everything I Need To Know To Be A

Qualified Hypnotherapist in 9 Days? 

 I can't argue that studying online is more convenient.  That, however, is the only advantage.  NLP and hypnosis is SO powerful that you can only understand it once you've experienced it personally.  You simply cannot get that experience on a computer screen.  Secondly, having the opportunity to practice the skills and techniques with other live human beings is invaluable.  Once you've done it, you know you can do it!  There is absolutely no substitute for experience.  

In my very first NLP and hypnosis course,  I was able to clear in a few days what if often takes people years to deal with.  I healed  many layers of pain and confusion and it was then that I was able to rediscover and connect to the real me.  The changes are so fast, easy and life changing that it's difficult to put into words.  You FEEL the change and it's irrefutable.  I then went on to bring these life changing processes to others.  It's powerful and fun and there's nothing I'd rather do. 


My class is structured almost exactly the same as the class where I experienced so much healing and freedom.  Sadly, my instructor has passed on but I am thrilled to have the opportunity to continue his legacy.  Whether you’re looking for a new career as a hypnotherapist and NLP practitioner or you’re simply looking for transformation that will rock your world and bring you back to the truth of who you are, this is the class you’ve been looking for.

“Serena’s Be Limitless Hypnosis and NLP training is 5 stars.  She took me from knowing very little to ‘I got this’.  I got so confident I even created 2 public meditations before I even graduated.  I am grateful to the angelic healer that Serena is.  She works with you soul to soul.”

                                                                                                                                           April Azzolino, Las Vegas

"Of any other course I could have taken, I don't think I could have gathered up as many tools as I have from you which is a huge compliment because I've taken lots of classes.  Also, it was experiential in that a lot of what I experienced will help me be a better therapist because I actually experienced it and know what you go through.  There's no way you could do that online.  There was such a resonance with you because you are not just an educator but you, as an individual, are really conscious and get the idea of self expansion and growth.  You don't think your way out of the box, it's experiential."  

                                                                                                                                         Gina Coffman, California    

Experience It For Yourself

Our trainings are hands on and interactive.  The best way to learn is to really experience something for yourself. In this training you will do just that. You will experience personal transformation and when that happens you really know that you know.  You will not only learn, you will master these powerful tools and techniques so that when you leave you feel comfortable and confident that you have what you need to create lasting change - fast. 

Then Share It With Others

Whether your interest is in life coaching, helping yourself and others conquer emotional trauma, eliminating chronic physical pain, increasing confidence and success or mastering the skills of hypnosis for smoking and weight loss, this comprehensive training gives you everything you're looking for when it comes to hypnosis and NLP.

Benefits of Hypnosis and NLP Training

  • Hypnosis - Put your subject into trance and give positive suggestions that take hold and make powerful changes!

  • NLP - Use anchors to give your client calm and confidence

  • Meta model - Ask the right questions to identify and change patterns of behavior and relationship patterns. 

  • Become a Master of Influence with the magic of conversational hypnosis and Ericksonian Language patterns

  • End self sabotage in your clients with parts integration

  • Manage and eliminate headaches and chronic pain

  • Assist clients to learn the lesson - the negative emotion will vanish

  • Regain your power, open your throat chakra and speak your truth with Gestalt Empty Chair Technique.

  • Grief Techniques - keep the connection, let go of the pain

  • Tapping/ EFT - Always works fast!  Be in control in any situation

  • Single Session Stop Smoking Protocol - Earn extra $$

  • Weight Loss hypnosis - a billion dollar industry

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