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So like, what does enlightenment have to do with hypnosis? 

Have you ever met someone who was 'super spiritual'  but their personal life was a bit of a soup sandwich?  You know what I mean, they had a lot of issues or maybe they they were just judgmental or hypocritical.  We are all divine, perfect beings at the level of Christ consciousness but unless and until we deal with our personal 'stuff' then our spirituality tends to get lost in translation when it comes to our everyday life.   By the time our pure truth and inspiration comes through all the filters of our subconscious beliefs, personal traumas and collective and cultural filters it is a severely distorted version of truth and perfection.  There's no judgment in this.  It's just how we are wired and we ALL have these filters.  The more limitations we heal and resolve, (i.e. with modalities like hypnosis and NLP) the more our lives reflect the purity of our divine inner beauty.

Now on the other hand, I've met some hypnotists and NLP practitioners who were somewhat less than enlightened.  They became really good at understanding the subconscious mind yet never reached beyond to a higher wisdom that simply lies beyond mind, beyond ego.  It's sort of like focusing all your energy on deciphering a maze puzzle that doesn't have an exit.  

I believe true enlightenment lies in the marriage of the inner and outer self.  As we tune more and more to our higher self and we courageously confront and clear our personal beliefs, wounds and limitations we begin to live a connected, flowing, channeled life. Through this process we are able to express ourselves as the divine beings on earth that we truly are. Then the beauty, wisdom, love and power of Christ consciousness can flow through us in its purity without the distortion of duality thinking and negative emotions.  We are the portal to bring higher consciousness, light and power onto the earth plane.  This is how we will lift the vibration and override the frequency that currently holds us in pain, suffering and fear.  Calling all Jedi's. You are our only hope.

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Here is a cool bonus video!

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Helen Ellison
Helen Ellison
May 24, 2018

Very impressive article you have here. Hypnotism can solve many of our daily life problems. They can free us from ugly childhood memories. Have heard that some people are even capable of hypnotizing someone quickly.

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