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Hypnosis | Rapid Inductions

What is the difference between a ‘normal’ hypnosis induction and a rapid induction. Well, some would argue that all are inductions are rapid. What does that mean? Well, there is always a moment in time when someone goes from not hypnotized to hypnotized. That crossing over occurs at a single moment in time and at that single moment the person goes rapidly from not hypnotized to hypnotized.

That being said, inductions vary widely. Some people use scripts or long progressive relaxation inductions. These can be effective but as suggested are slow. They are not necessarily any more effective than a rapid induction. The goal of hypnosis is to narrow the client’s focus so that they shut out the outside world and create an internal reality based solely on the suggestions of the hypnotist. As soon as this hyper focus occurs, they are in hypnosis whether it takes 45 minutes or 15 seconds.

Rapid inductions can be done using a shock such as with a hand drop or by simply telling the person to focus on something very intensely while the hypnotist gives them suggestions to create a particular experience, essentially through the power of their imagination. Rapid inductions are not only effective and powerful, they are fun and will wow your audience. Give it a try!

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