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You Don't Need Permission To Be Great

Sometimes, when people can’t give themselves permission to stand in their own power it makes them extremely uncomfortable when you do.

They will judge it and label it as pride or arrogance or an unwillingness to bow your head. What they are really feeling is the discomfort of holding themselves back, holding themselves down and the internal pain and injustice that they have bought into the idea that they have to do this or they will be punished or rejected somehow by someone somewhere even if this someone is simply a shadow from their past or a version of god created in the minds of men.

To see you free and strong stirs inside of them their ire at this injustice, this repression and every time you speak freely and act freely it reminds them of how much they have given up of themselves.

But don’t give up on yourself. Don’t stop expressing yourself. Don’t stop being strong and great and absolutely amazing. Because when you give up on yourself, you’re giving up on them too. You’re giving up on all of us. Please don’t give up on us. We need someone to show us the way. So that someday we can give ourselves permission to shine, to be strong and free and knows ourselves as the divine beings that we truly be. Rock on.

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