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Christ Consciousness | The Difference Between What’s True and What’s Real

When we look around at our world things can seem pretty messed up. There’s war, scarcity and illness. These are the facts and we can’t deny that these things are real.

However, just because they’re real doesn’t mean their true. What in the world do I mean? Well, everything we experience, we are co-creating. You’ve heard the expression, “what you think about you bring about” and that our thoughts create our reality. That means our ‘reality’ is a combination of positive, happy thoughts and limiting beliefs.

Now the real TRUTH is perfection; perfect Love, perfect Peace, perfect Joy and perfect Oneness. At the level of Christ consciousness these things are true and real. In meditation we are able to connect to the beauty and splendor of this truth and glimpse life as it should be. Unfortunately, this perfection is not the only input creating our experience of reality. We add layers of distortion, negative emotions, memories, limiting beliefs and fears to this perfection and the result is something far removed from perfection.

Keep in mind, the limiting beliefs creating our reality aren’t just our personal beliefs. We are all co - creating a collective experience together. War and scarcity and illness aren’t your personal creation. These experiences are created on many levels of belief including cultural, hereditary, past lives and collectively. That’s a lot of limiting beliefs! So while these things are absolutely NOT our fault, it IS our responsibility to clear them if we want to experience life as perfect love, peace, joy and Oneness.

Don’t give your power away to ‘reality’, ‘facts’ or the belief that ‘that’s just the way things are’. Anything short of perfection is not ultimate truth. We were designed to live in peace and joy. It is our birthright. Ultimate truth originates from Christ consciousness. When we can align our beliefs personally and collectively with this truth, it will become our reality.

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