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How to Instantly Heal Your Karma | Get Off the Karmic Wheel

Karma is the belief that you will be punished for the ‘bad’ things you do and rewarded for the good things you do. It really is just a belief and as such can be healed and dissolved instantaneously.

There are levels of truth. Some truths are relative truths. For example, in our reality, gravity is definitely true. However, once we leave the physical body and explore other dimensions and planes of existence, gravity is simply no longer true.

In this reality, the belief in duality i.e. right/ wrong, good/ bad are true. We experience some things as good and others as bad. This is our experience and in this reality it’s easy to argue that it’s definitely true. However, on other planes of existence, these ideas and beliefs are simply no longer true. Duality is just a mental construct inside this matrix reality. At higher levels of consciousness, all is Oneness and perfection. At the level of ultimate truth, Christ consciousness, there is no bad karma or sin.

Once we realize this and connect to our higher self and Christ consciousness, we are lifted above this limiting belief and karma is instantly dissolved and healed. I think this is the gift that Jesus offers to people. He grants them instant forgiveness of all their sins and when they believe it, then their sins are forgiven and they are once again returned to connection and Oneness with God. It is this change of belief that changes their reality. By changing our belief in Karma and realizing it can be instantly healed and forgiven, we likewise return to our connection and Oneness with our God self. We are able to be present in the moment, free of the burden and guilt of the past and create a new experience limitless and free.

Some religions talk about getting off the karmic wheel. The belief in karma traps many people in the belief that they need to keep reincarnating to make up for their past misdeeds. A person’s consciousness is not automatically elevated just because they die. We can carry limiting beliefs with us between lives. If we carry this belief in karma with us, we will continue to reincarnate believing we need to keep trying to ‘get it right’. This endless cycle of reincarnation can be ended in a single moment as soon as realize that, at the level of Christ consciousness, our divine essence is already perfect and we have nothing to be punished for or make up for.

Is this a free pass to do whatever we want and not care about the consequences of how we treat people? Sorry, it doesn’t quite work that way. Once we realize Oneness consciousness and fully understand that we’re all connected, then we also realize that we can’t do anything ‘to’ someone else without doing it to ourselves. In other words, we can’t not be affected by it.

To continue to live above the experience of karma and good and bad, we need to maintain a connection with our Christ self and keep our consciousness elevated above this matrix duality reality. The more emotional triggers we heal, the easier it becomes to let go of the judgment that holds us in this low consciousness of duality with all of the experiences that go along with it. We can not only be free of the karmic wheel and reincarnation cycle, we can be truly free to create and experience life the way we want while we’re still here on earth.

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