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How to Make a Tangible Connection With Your Higher Self

How to Connect to Your Higher Self AKA Christ Self

First of all, I’d like to discuss why it’s important to make contact and establish a connection with your higher self. Most of us have heard expressions like listen to your intuition, follow your inner guidance or love yourself. But rarely do people tell us How to do this.

If we are only listening to our feelings, the messages can often be cloudy and distorted. This is because our feelings are often a result of fear and negative experiences from the past. If we feel afraid or anxious, how do we know if this is coming from our limiting beliefs or from our true inner guidance? It can be really difficult to distinguish between the two and the consequences are huge. If it’s simply fear from the past or a subconscious limiting belief, then it will stop us from achieving success and happiness. If it’s an uneasy feeling that’s from our higher self, then it will stop us from making a potentially huge mistake that will set us back or cause us pain in some way. As you can see, it’s kind of important to know where the uneasiness is coming from.

We live in a world that is surrounded by negative events, beliefs and emotions. If we look for guidance from others or even our own conscious mind, it is probably going to fall short of true wisdom. We are multidimensional beings and as such, we have access to information on all planes of existence. However, we almost always stay ‘tuned in’ to physical 3D reality with all of its limitations. When we make a connection with our Christ self, we are connecting to the part of ourselves that resides at the level of Christ consciousness where there is only perfection, love, abundance, peace and Oneness. This part of us has complete and total access to perfect Truth, not the relative truth that governs our thinking. If you want genuinely reliable guidance that’s not subject to any confusion or limitation then this is where you want your information to come from.

Establishing a tangible, real connection with your higher self is easier than you might think. Your Christ self is always ready to communicate with you and is simply waiting for you to make that connection. So it’s actually pretty simple. First, set your intention to make connection with your Higher Self. Then go into meditation, trance or simply a relaxed state. By slowing your mind down you are able to access your subconscious mind and your subconscious mind is a bridge to your superconscious, higher self and Christ self.

Ask your Christ self for a signal. A signal could be a sensation in a certain part of your body, for example a tingling or a warm feeling. It could be an involuntary movement such as swaying or muscle twitch. It could be a smell of a pleasant scent or even seeing a color in your mind’s eye. This signal lets you know when you’re in connection and communication with your higher self and when you’re not. For instance, if you are listening to someone give advice or spiritual teaching and you are unable to get your Christ signal, then you know you are not in the presence of truth. If you ask and get your signal then you know the person is speaking truth. This becomes a marvelous internal guidance system which you can rely on to always steer you towards your absolute highest good.

Once you’ve received a signal, then ask for a name. A name? Yes, it might sound weird but even though this is a part of yourself, it’s almost as if it’s someone else. When you were 2 years old you were still you and yet you were completely different. This other aspect of you has such a vastly different level of awareness and consciousness it’s almost as if it’s a different person. As you continue to develop this relationship, you will begin to receive and channel love and peace and joy into your life from your higher self. You need never feel alone ever again because you will feel the presence of your Christ self always there guiding you, loving you and supporting you. What a lovely, lovely way to live life always in communion with your loving Christ self.

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