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Timeline Collapse | Change Your Future By Changing Your Past

Timeline collapse is a technique that allows us to ‘change’ the past in order to shift timelines and place us on a different trajectory for our future.

They say our cells regenerate every few months to every few years depending on the particular tissue we’re talking about. Now if our cells are completely regenerating and being replaced with new cells then why are they coming back with the same illnesses or aging processes instead of coming back as perfect? The reason is because they are holding the memory of the limiting beliefs of the cells before. They grow into the same idea, beliefs and limitations.

In the same way, even though every day is a new day and we can create whatever we want, we tend to recreate the same things over and over. The possibilities of what we can create are endless. This means the possible futures we can create are limitless. However, we lock ourselves into one timeline, one possible future that reflects that same limitations we’ve already been experiencing.

Timeline collapse allows us to go into the past and change the memories where these limiting beliefs and trapped emotions were created. Once these events have been radically transformed, new emotions experienced and new beliefs created then it places us on a completely new trajectory. Our cells, our emotions, our behaviors, our very essence changes so that we create an alternate reality, place ourselves on a different timeline and live into an alternate future.

Not only does this change your future, in many ways it will literally change your past. You won’t remember things the same way. While in some ways you do remember it, it feels completely different with no emotional charge almost as if it happened to someone else. You can keep the ‘lesson’ but can let go of all the negative emotions which created those limiting beliefs and replace them with feel good emotions and experiences that yield life affirming beliefs that make it easy to create a happy, successful future.

Once you’ve identified what you want to change, the whole process only takes about an hour. A small investment to yield such amazing results. If you want to experience the radical transformational effects of timeline collapse, contact me at 702-475-0764 or visit my website at

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