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Enlightenment Reloaded | Ascension

What is Enlightenment? Well, that’s a good question. People have been seeking it for hundreds and thousands of years but what is it?

I think Enlightenment is raising one’s consciousness above the limitations of the duality reality of this world we find ourselves in. There’s a part of our multidimensional self that resides in Christ Consciousness and this part of us realizes that the truth of life is perfect love, joy and peace.

Duality causes us to think in terms of right and wrong, good and bad, black and white and by its nature creates conflict and division - right inside of our own psyche. We judge and label things in this way and then we become very attached to our story about things.

For example, if I label being ‘successful’ as good and not being ‘successful’ as bad then I will be very attached to being successful. Of course, everyone’s definition of success will be different but that doesn’t cause me to be any less attached to my definition and strive very hard for success on my terms. I may judge myself harshly if I fail to measure up to my own or others’ expectations. Conversely, if I’m successful, I may judge others for not measuring up to my standard of performance. Naturally, being successful or rich in and of itself is not ‘bad’. However, it can be a big distraction from the true reality of Oneness and perfection.

On the other hand, if I label being poor as bad then I will be very attached to the avoidance of being poor. I may create a victim story around my lack and generate feelings of sadness, fear, anxiety or anger about my situation. This can be an equally big distraction from the reality of Oneness and perfection.

Enlightenment is achieved when one truly experiences that inner love, joy and peace than can only come from our connection to our higher self or god self that resides in the vibration of Oneness or Christ consciousness. This part of us is already immersed and constantly experiencing this beauty and perfection. We may get small glimpses during meditation which fade as we re-enter 3D life.

These glimpses of nirvana fade because they are clouded and muddied by all of our limiting beliefs, negative emotions and traumas both personal and collective. It’s as if we’re looking as a beautiful landscape through a window covered in mud and dirt. The truth of God, the truth of the Universe, the truth of life itself is Beauty and perfection. “Beauty is truth, truth beauty”, John Keats.

The only way to achieve sustained enlightenment is to not only establish a connection with your higher self but to clear all negative emotions and programming which keeps your true light from shining through all the time and raising the vibration of all those around you. Once we collectively commit to this process of personal purification, we will raise the collective vibration and shatter the forces keeping us from ascending and living in perfection, joy, love, peace and beauty.

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