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My story with hypnosis and NLP started when I was around 40. While I was still a functioning part of society, going to work, paying my bills, raising two kids, I was in reality on the verge of what some might call a nervous break down or mid life crisis. I found myself crying about nothing in particular just driving down the road or standing in line at the grocery store. All of my coping mechanisms were beginning to fail and leaks were springing up all over the place. My greatest gift and teacher, my son, had started having panic attacks and as a nurse, I knew I didn’t want to put him on medication - I had seen where that led. So I left no stone unturned as I searched for alternative answers to help him. My search led me to NLP and I decided to take a 2 week intensive course where I was soon to discover that I was the one who really needed help. My wonderful instructor, Michael Bennett, recently passed, coached me through absolutely life changing transformation. His class was extremely experiential and personally healing. When you experience something for yourself, you know that you know that it works. I knew right away that this was my purpose and that it is what I was going to be doing. Over time, my life has become more and more peaceful and happy and I'd like to think more light is able to shine through me as a result. I am forever grateful for Michael's gift and I have structured my NLP and hypnosis course very similarly to his with the goal of carrying his torch forward.

The first step to transforming the world is through healing and transforming ourselves. We cannot have unity without if we don’t have unity within. My ultimate goal and purpose is to help lead humanity beyond the limitations of internal and external conflict into our personal and collective power to create heaven on earth. We certainly have the intelligence in our conscious mind. The only real obstacle are our unhealed personal and collective traumas which keep us using our intelligence our creativity against ourselves in all kinds of self destructive ways instead of for our expansion and beauty.

I believe our two greatest life lessons are self love and self empowerment. We are truly limitless, divine beings but we are disconnected from our true power because of our limiting beliefs. Now even if you read or hear that we are limitless and even if you decide with your conscious mind that this is true, that’s not enough to heal your limiting beliefs because our limiting beliefs are born and live in the unconscious mind.

The first step to understanding and healing our limiting beliefs is learning how to communicate with our unconscious mind. We literally have 2 minds that speak different languages. We cannot reason our way to wholeness. We may read a self help book and our conscious mind is ‘on board’ with all the ideas but unfortunately, the information doesn’t filter down to the unconscious mind because new ideas are blocked. The critical factor likes to keep things the same because it thinks it’s protecting us from something we experienced in the past. The problem occurs when it’s information is outdated, its protection is no longer serving us and the cure becomes worse than the disease.

Since the unconscious mind doesn’t understand logic and reason, the only way to change our perceptions and heal our triggers is to change the pictures, conversations and emotions that our unconscious mind is referencing to tell us how to feel and react in every situation. These memories, in the form of pictures, conversations and emotions, are the building blocks of our limiting beliefs. They are not logical, in fact, they are quite the opposite. Even a ‘positive’ memory can create a connection which is not bad, but simply limited. For example, if, as a child, we got praise for being thoughtful or caring, he may ‘decide’ that his role in life is to be the caretaker. While this is not negative, per say, it is limiting if he feels unable to be competitive, or funny or wild and crazy because his ‘identity’ is to be the selfless caretaker.

Hypnosis and NLP are the two most effective tools I have found for communicating with and transforming the unconscious mind. Hypnosis gets the critical factor, that part of our mind which blocks communication between the two minds, out of the way while NLP speaks directly to the unconscious mind in the language it understands i.e. pictures, sounds and emotion. The two together pack a powerful punch in creating rapid, powerful and lasting change.

As we truly learn to love ourselves and stand in our power, we naturally have compassion for others because we understand what makes them the way they are, are the same things that made us the way we were. Experiencing these NLP and hypnosis processes gives us genuine understanding and empathy for others in a way that conscious thought and discussion can never give us.

More and more as we heal and release our triggers and ego identity, we become selfless, not in a self deprecating or self sacrificing way, but rather through genuine love, empathy, understanding and compassion for all. We become capable of harmony and love, letting go of attachments to ego and no longer feeling any need to defend or protect ourselves but rather feeling the oneness of unconditional, Universal love, free to express ourselves and share of ourselves without fear.

With the need to protect, defend, hoard, fight and react simply dissolved away, we can collectively channel all of our creativity and power towards ideas, projects and advances as inspiring as they are beautiful. Working together in harmony, at last, without conflict, without pain, without suffering. I think we might call this heaven on earth. I know I would.

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