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Say what? But I love self help books and positive affirmations. Well, they do work - to a certain extent but there are definite limitations.

The reason is that between our conscious and subconscious mind is this part of the mind known as the critical factor. As we know our subconscious mind is our true operating system and it kind of likes things to stay the way they are. As far as it’s concerned, we’ve already got things figured out so let’s just keep things nice and simple and play it safe. It’s the critical factor’s job to prevent new information, which might rock the boat, from getting down into the subconscious mind. It’s job is simple: if the information doesn’t match or agree with the current program then get rid of it, delete it and pretend it didn’t happen.

Now what if the information in our subconscious mind is negative? Well, this could pose quite a problem. You see, kids don’t have a critical factor until around the age of 6 or 7 so literally EVERYTHING goes into their subconscious minds completely unquestioned and unfiltered. Now if your life is a fairy tale and no one ever said or did anything hurtful, embarrassing or judgmental towards you then awesome, your operating system is functioning at full capacity. If you’re like the rest of the 99.9999% of us then you probably have some negative programming in there somewhere.

But now you’re ready to change all that. You’re ready to be successful, be happy and have great relationships. You pick up that self help book and it tells you everything you need to do and change to make your life wonderful. Yay! But wait, the critical factor looks at all this wonderful information and does a quick system check to see if it matches or agrees with the current program. Oops, no match. Delete, delete, delete.

So our conscious mind reads, agrees with and decides to implement these new changes. But our subconscious mind, where new habits and ways of being are truly formed never even gets the information because the critical factor kicked it out and didn’t let it through.

Hypnosis allows us to get the critical factor out of the way so that these new ideas and suggestions can really get down into the subconscious mind, take hold and create new habits and ways of being. NLP allows us to change the memories, pictures, movies and emotions which are holding the old programs in place.

Get both your minds working together to create a synergy greater than the sum of their parts. End self sabotage and begin true success with ease and grace and, is it possible, Fun!

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