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The first thing to understand if you are to ever crack the code on human potential and success is to know that you have 2 minds, quite literally. They think differently, they process information differently, they have access to a completely different set of data and there’s security guard who’s full time job is to prevent new information from changing the operating system.

Wow! I know it sounds a bit overwhelming but there really is a secret to overcoming all these obstacles and making powerful, rapid and lasting changes. Hang in there and you’ll start to see how it all comes together.

Jason had a scary thing happen to him in second grade. The teacher made him get up in front of the class to spell the spelling word. He spelled it wrong. All the kids laughed. The teacher was irritated because they had been going over that word all day long. The movie of that memory is now playing continuously in the background of Jason’s subconscious mind. Now in situations where he needs to speak up and share in a group, his palms start to sweat, he blushes, his mind goes blank. No matter how many times he tells himself that it’s stupid, there’s nothing to be afraid of and to just get over it, it keeps happening.

The left brain or conscious mind thinks in words and logic. If information is presented in a different format, it doesn’t understand it so it simply dismisses it altogether, deeming it as illogical and unimportant. The right brain or unconscious mind thinks in pictures, movies and emotions. If information is presented in words or logic, it often can’t interface with it. Positive affirmations, offered in the form of words from our logical mind, are less compelling than the pictures and movies our subconscious mind is already referring to to determine what something means, how to feel and how to respond. After all, a picture’s worth a thousand words.

Most of us received less than positive or useful information in our formative years. Yet, useful or not, this information formed the building blocks of our reality and our programming. These programs are now running in the background all the time, telling us how to act and feel in any situation.

Conversely, our subconscious mind is always trying to communicate with us as well. The problem is it does so using emotion, symptoms i.e. a stomach ache or headache, or situations which seem to keep repeating in our lives like in the movie Groundhog Day. Since we don’t understand the message, or indeed don’t even understand it’s an attempt at communication, we either ignore the message or get annoyed.

In the same way a virus running in the background of a computer slows down and diminishes its overall efficiency, so these negative pictures and movies in our subconscious mind interfere with and sabotage our true potential and success.

Hypnosis and NLP open the doors of communication between the conscious and subconscious mind. They allow us to hear the messages FROM our subconscious so us so that we can get genuine healing and they allow us to communicate WITH the subconscious mind so we can truly change our programming at the level of the operating system where it really counts.

Once you crack the code on communication between your two minds, you will truly be unstoppable and experience yourself as the limitless being that you truly are.

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