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Hypnosis and NLP Training
Convenient Online Classes



Have you ever wondered if hypnosis is even real and whether or not you can be hypnotized?  Are you curious about how hypnosis seems to magically shift people into a different mindset or reality almost instantaneously?  Or maybe you've taken other hypnosis classes but felt like you came away without really having what it takes to do it yourself?  Do you feel like you would like to offer your clients more but are not sure what?

Serena personally makes sure you get the right information, the written materials to feel comfortable you have everything you need, the practice time to achieve mastery and the nuance to embody the magic of being a hypnotist. 


Be Limitless Hypnosis gives you the opportunity to learn hypnotherapy on your own timeline.  Life is busy and even when we're motivated to learn and grow, schedules and budgets can be challenging to work around.  With each class, you'll receive a certificate.  Once you've completed the first six modules, you are eligible for additional certification with The National Guild of Hypnotists.  Each class is 8 hours spread over two days - 4 hours per day.  The last two classes are optional add ons and are only a single 4 hour day of training.   You have the option to take Saturday / Sunday classes or Tuesday / Wednesday classes.

The skills do build with each class.  The first 3 classes can be taken without any previous training although I do recommend taking the classes in order.  It will make your experience smoother and more enjoyable.  Classes 4, 5 and 6 Do require that you have taken previous modules to be able to understand what is involved and how to put the skill sets together.   Once you've mastered the individual techniques, you can really make it your own and truly adapt to the needs of each client with proficiency and grace.




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This class is designed for beginners. We dive right in with a hypnosis experience, followed by hands-on practice sessions with the other students in the class. You will be a hypnotist by the first coffee break! This course ensures you not only learn the material, but also apply the foundational skills of hypnosis immediately.

Learn hypnotic inductions, deepeners, strategic client interviews, craft impactful hypnotic suggestions

Experience Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and learn how to communicate directly with the subconscious mind in the language it understands. This course equips you with essential NLP techniques to effectively initiate significant improvements in your clients' lives. 

Master anchors, The Fast Phobia Cure, New Behavior Generator, Emotional Freedom Technique, Swish Patterns and Subconscious Strategies 

This powerful course delivers a transformative experience where clients not only receive the healing apology they've longed for but also fundamentally change their emotional memories, replacing hurt with love and acceptance. Yes, it’s freaking awesome!

Connect with and comfort inner child,  understand the harsh inner critic, express your truth, reclaim your power, replace negative emotions with positive, revise the past. 


Subconscious Agendas.jpeg

In this class you will learn to understand and work with the various subconscious parts of our psyche which are often in conflict with one another.  Just as one part of us strives for health while another craves indulgence, these internal contradictions can often wreak havoc in our lives by creating varying degrees of self sabotage.

Understand subconscious parts, separate positive intention from behavior, resolve confusion and conflict, reintegrate disowned part, parts negotiation.  


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This class introduces Serena’s unique approach to Past Life Regression, enabling you to heal past and parallel incarnations that impact your current life. You’ll learn to connect with masters and guides, and receive spiritual healings to remove negative influences in our energy body and from the astral realm.

Hypnotic induction to past lives,  revise past life trauma, connect with spirit guides, clear entities and thought forms, cut cords, soul contract revocations.  


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Discover the amazing timeline technique, which allows clients to address and resolve negative emotions from past experiences without re-living the discomfort. Learn soul lessons to replace fear and limitations with discernment and wisdom. Additionally, explore how hypnosis can effectively diminish or even eliminate physical pain by altering the mind’s interpretation of pain signals.

Timeline technique, pain hypnosis including dissociation and pain dial, pain elimination protocol.  


Conversational Hypnosis.jpeg

This class delves into the structure of conversational hypnosis, teaching you the sophisticated techniques needed to embed powerful suggestions seamlessly into everyday conversation. Learn to construct metaphors that speak directly to the subconscious mind, bypassing resistance entirely.


Gain the skills to not only improve therapeutic outcomes but also to wield influence subtly and effectively in your personal and professional life.


Smoking isn't cool any more.jpeg


This class offers a comprehensive protocol to help your clients stop smoking in just one session. The weight loss section delves into emotional resolution, utilizes tapping to curb cravings, and provides a variety of scripts to address the many aspects of weight loss.

Complete stop smoking protocol,  learn many aspects of weight management,  negotiate with specific parts or manager's of a weight issue, scripts to rewrite self concept and habits. 



Sign up for all the classes at once and get an $800 discount.   PLUS receive your certificate from the National Guild of Hypnotists. ($200 cost to Serena) 

In my very first NLP and hypnosis course,  I was able to clear in a few days what if often takes people years to deal with.  I healed  many layers of pain and confusion and it was then that I was able to rediscover and connect to the real me.  The changes are so fast, easy and life changing that it's difficult to put into words.  You FEEL the change and it's irrefutable.  I then went on to bring these life changing processes to others.  It's powerful and fun and there's nothing I'd rather do.  

                                                                                                      Serena Denmark, Be Limitless Hypnosis Instructor

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